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AfroBrutality hits the airwaves the only way they know…A.F. Join Syn and Hoodie as they talk about current issues that impact athletes every day. No stones unturned. This is a no B.S. podcast

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Afrobrutality Radio Episode 18 Team Dangerous

This episode of AfroBrutality Radio is about Team Dangerous . In this Episode we explain the first time Syn met Team Dangerous, their Origins and what the hell is 61117.

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 17 Robb Wolf

This episode of AfroBrutality Radio is about Robb Wolf the Original CrossFit Nutritionist. In this Episode Rob explains his Latest Book "Wired To Eat" and breaks down the reason for the Book and why is he cares so much about people reaching…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 16 Jason Ackerman

            This episode of AfroBrutality Radio is about Jason Ackerman from "Own Your Eating". Jason goes over his "Food Revolution" program in detail. How to get started, what do you get from…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 15 Three The Hard Way: The First Afrobrutality Brotherhood

Three The Hard Way: The First Brotherhood of AfroBrutality Liste in as Syn, Carlos and Christopher Allen reminisce their times of Training for The New York City Marathon, Men's Health Urbanathlon, 1000 Burpee Challenge and all the training in…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 14 with Jason "Jumpman" Lacayo

. This Episode of AfroBrutality Radio is The Sequel to Jason "Jumpmanjay" Lacayo's First Episode, this time we go into depth with his heritage and what it's like to grow up Black and Hispanic plus how Cops Are Human Too. Also we discuss some…

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