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AfroBrutality hits the airwaves the only way they know…A.F. Join Syn and Hoodie as they talk about current issues that impact athletes every day. No stones unturned. This is a no B.S. podcast

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Afrobrutality Radio Episode 24 Craig Patterson

This Episode is about Craig Patterson and The MadLap Group. Listen as Syn and Patty discuss his MadLap Group and its methods of how to run Profitable Gym. His methods have made his Gym one of the Most Profitable CrossFit Gym in the Country.…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 23: For the Love Of...Boobs?

Join Syn and his Special Guests Stacey D and Lil Riki as they explain their choice to get Breast augmentation. Syn does his best to listen though he is prepared to HATE!!! Listen up and you may just get educated on Today’s Woman.

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 22 So You Wanna Be Sponsored

​​"SO YOU WANNA BE SPONSORED" on the Show we have Special Guest Matthew Bergeron a National Ranked Olympic Lifter and Leah Casciano of Mental Kilter to discuss the topic of Sponsorship. How do you get Sponsored? What are the different types…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 21 ALL LIVES MATTER

​"ALL LIVES MATTER" on this Show were introducing the Audience to Stacey D she is a recent Powerlifter and avid CrossFitter. Stacey D is a longtime friend of Syn's and she had an opinion on the two Episodes Featuring Jumpman Jay and she came…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 20

This Episode is about Jeff Tucker and his Venture into "Darkness". Listen as Tucker discusses how he was chosen for Discovery's New Series "Darkness" and all that entails. Tucker goes into depth about all he learnt and experienced being in…

Afrobrutality Radio Episode 19: The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen consists of Syn, Carlos, Christopher Allen and Xavior Qvistgaard. Listen as they discuss topics ranging from Brotherhood, Fitness and how they stayed in touch for over 10 Years.

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